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Cock Princess Cindy

About Me


* rileysready
* Carmen

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi phone sex lovers! It is that time of year yet again!Fall is in full effect and its time to make those plans! I am going to be visiting family for a couple days but I will still be taking calls here and there during. Hoping for some nice dark meat while I go back home! And I don't mean turkey. I need some BBC.  Yes I need some big thick cock to gobble down and I hope its big black cock to make me sore for days! Nothing like a little black on blonde! I want to make sure it's so big that I want to feel stuffed for days!!! Make me raw! I will be here on Thanksgiving for a while so give me a call for some hot n steamy fantasy phone sex!


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Posted: 23:00, 2009-Nov-23
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Moving Day

Hi Guys!! I've been sooo busy getting everything packed and moving from FL to Va. Had one last halloween party blow out before I left. Say goodbye to my summer home! I love being a fulltime house sitter. This year my bosses got a new house and I am in a new city till May gets here. Making new friends will be fun , I only know one person here, and he is the moving guy , but he was soo cute!! Let's just say I got properly welcomed to the city!!

 He knew I was watching him , seeing the way his arms flexed , the way his abs tightned,noticing how tight his pants were! God what a perfect ass! He invited me to dinner, I wound up being dessert! If this place has more men like him I will be a happy camper!! I can't wait to see what the clubs have to offer me!

 I know that my pussy is wet with excitment thinking about all the new cocks to fill my mouth full . Oh and my cunt just needs  a good streching !! See now I am all horny ! Why don't you give me a call and maybe we can do a phone sex roleplay of you are my new neighbor, or perhaps you will give me a guide to the city.Let's make it hot n nasty and I want both of us to get off super hard! Mutual masturbation phone sex is always a good thing!!

 Ok so  call me at 1-888-662-6482 for some phone sex fun. Ask the Dispatcher for Cindy!!

Contacting me: AIM CindySucksIt  Yahoo CindySucksYou   

now I am NOT always at my desk so If im not there ,go ahead n call me!!


NEW SITE UP  Check it out!


Posted: 19:15, 2009-Nov-3
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K so

So I have been working to get my new blog up and going and Im sorry that my old one isnt available cus I really loved it! Oh well I will get this one the way I want it soon! Till then Give me a call 1.888.662.6482 . I have updated my myspace page
I added a new Twitter Gadget on there so you guys can follow me if you like.
Right now I could use a good small cock humiliation phone sex session to get rid of some of this stress!! I do love a good giggle at an itty bitty flap!


Posted: 19:05, 2009-Apr-23
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My New Blog..starting over

So the cocksuckers over at wordpress shut down my old blog so guess who gets to start allll over. One fuckin dickless asshole who I wouldn't fuck probably  got me shut down but fuck him right in his ass with a semi truck. You cant stop me bitch, I'm Cock Princess Cindy!!
  So I will get this blog started up and for those of you who dont know I LOVE phone sex and I am a bratty domme who LOVES big hard cocks and worship them. However, you with the tiny insignifigant peices of skin down there.. no I will humilate you and laugh at the nothing between your legs! I enjoy roleplay, fetish play, sissification, CBT, forced-bi,cuckold, creme pie, panty boys ,strap on fun and more
AIM: CindySucksIt  Yahoo: CindySucksYou

I will be getting more stories up and links for you guys soon so bear with me:)
Till then just holla at your girl and lets have a fun phone sex session .

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Posted: 02:10, 2009-Apr-22
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